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Steel Bridges
Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge
Location:Wuhu, Anhui   Features:low tower, cable stay, grand bridge   Completion Year:2000   Click:25874

as the key traffic project in the national 9th five-year plan, this is a highway and railway cable-stayed steel truss bridge. the lower is the railway of class i double-line, the upper is the highway with two-way four-lane of 18 m wide and sidewalk of 1.5 m wide for each side. the overall length of railway bridge is 10,616 m and of highway bridge is 6,078 m, in which 2,193.7 m spans the river. the bridge is constructed from march 22, 1997 and completed and open to traffic in september 2000. the 312 m main span takes the first not only in china but also in the asia. with the 460 million yuan gross investments, this bridge is known as the century bridge. firstly, its openning date, september 2000, is just at the end of 20th century and the beginning of 21st century; secondly, it is the bridge of the largest quantity in the century in china; and thirdly, the high technologies of this bridge. over ten items of new technologies, structures, materials and procedures are adopted for this bridge, which have greatly improved the design, fabrication and erection level of the double-purpose bridge in china, and 14 items among them have broken the bridge construction records in china. this bridge is honored the 2001 china construction engineering luban award, the top award in this field in china.

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