Snow of his young life

Laurie Storey


Laurie Storey

Nancy Victor is pleased to present Snow of his young life, a solo exhibition by Laurie Storey. With work that explores the manipulation of imagery within contemporary media and tabloid newspapers, this exhibition questions the use of wrought imagery to accommodate a different view point and the theatrical nature within journalism. The starting point for this project came about from a personal experience which happened over 20 years ago. On a very snowy February 9th in 1991, Laurie Storey and his brother Ben were taken to the shops by their mother. It was extremely cold and Ben cried all the way on his sled. A man claiming to be a newspaper photographer asked if he could take a picture of Ben crying on his sled, their mother obliged but did think it odd at the time. The next day, a picture of Ben was on the front page of the Daily Mail Newspaper. The caption which accompanied the image said, 'Three year old Ben Story, enjoying the first snow of his young life.' This information was wrong, Ben was actually two, his name was spelt wrong, he was not enjoying himself, and the previous year he and his family had spent the winter in Colorado, USA, where it snowed every day.

Laurie Storey completed a Ma Communication Design at Central St Martins in 2008 and is part of Vulpes Vulpes, an artist led collective based in East London. He lives and works in London and has a studio space at The White Building run by SPACE studios.

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