A group show by Natasha Caleia Ramos, Sam Shendi and James Winter


Geoff Litherland

Nancy Victor is pleased to present Vitruvius, a group show by Natasha Caleia Ramos, Sam Shendi and James Winter. This exhibition encourages a new look at the cityscape and utopian visions with artwork full of vibrant energy and intensity. In this show the city manifests itself in many guises. With media ranging from a site specific light installation to steel thematic figurative forms, it offers a direct and honest approach by merging fresh ideas with older processes. The use of fabricated materials has a startlingly individual outcome for each artist. Steel, acrylic and aluminium play a vital role in the creation of each piece, exploring the formality between construction and finished article, design and commodity, idealism and realism.

Natasha Caleia Ramos uses photography, printmaking and readymade objects to create new ways of viewing, an influence that is indebted to a passion for Russian Constructivist Art. Sam Shendi's simplified geometric forms come together through a hidden symbolism with obelisks, sun-balls and the pyramid animated in bright primary colours. Shendi recently won the First@108 Public Art Award 2013. James Winter's site specific installation for this exhibition is more subtle in colour than many of his previous works, allowing the light source to add texture and shade which in turn lets the form and structure of the spatial light construction merge with the pre-existing architecture of the gallery.

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