The Pomp of Circumstances

A show by Chris Agnew

Chris Agnew

Nancy Victor is pleased to present The Pomp of Circumstances, a solo show by Chris Agnew.

The Pomp of Circumstances presents a series of works that operate on the understanding that belief systems be they philosophical, ideological or religious are largely based on a labyrinth of accidents, mistranslations, pseudo-scientific reasoning and dogmatic entrapment.

Employing the tools of polemical hindsight and sceptical foresight, the drawings and etched panels present us with a variety of curious scenarios including London's new skyscraper the Shard frozen in Friedrich's Sea of Ice and the USA's Pentagon imagined in the form of a Roman dodecahedron a small hollow object found at various sites around Europe which no-one has ever definitively concluded the purpose of.

With multiple references to apocalyptic prophecies and absurd theories, the exhibition pays homage to these seemingly inconsequential components of civilization and insists that they are of paramount importance to a freethinking society.

Chris Agnew gained a BA degree in Contemporary Art Practice at The University of Leeds (2008) and a Masters degree in Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art (2010). His work has been short-listed for the Jerwood Drawing Prize (2009 & 2010), The Clifford Chance Post-Graduate Printmaking Prize (2010) and Saatchi's New Sensations (2010). He is also a recipient of the Jealous Graduate Print Prize (2010). His work has been exhibited in Tokyo, Italy and throughout the UK including the Royal Academy of Arts' Summer Exhibition (2011) and has featured on the front page of the London Evening Standard amongst numerous other publications.

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7 June, 68pm

8 June > 6 July 2012
Monday > Friday / 10am > 6pm
Saturdays / by appointment only

For more information about the exhibition, please contact Rachael at or Drew at the Nancy Victor gallery on 020 7813 0373


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