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Whatever Works

By David Shillinglaw

David Shillinglaw artwork

'Whatever Works' introduces a series of recent drawings and artworks by David Shillinglaw.

Having spent much of this year on the road, exploring and exhibiting his artwork internationally, including galleries in New York, Cape Town and Rotterdam, Shillinglaw has been encouraged to create work on the move and in new environments, away from the comfort of his studio.

The result is a series of work made in the moment, like a diary entry, which Shillinglaw describes as 'schematic automatic'. This set of detailed line drawings, small paintings and collages depict a stream of consciousness as visual poems, or map-like diagrams of the human psyche.

Shillinglaw's work is designed to lift the spirit of the ordinary, and make light of the things that go otherwise unnoticed. This is evident in 'Whatever Works', where everyday words and phrases are highlighted with the use of typography, transforming them into a set of mantras in which to inspire positive problem solving, and making the most of the accessible and available; an attitude that is reflected both in the subject matter of the pieces, and the process in which they are made.


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