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The Pocket Show

Miniatures by JAYBO


The Pocket Show

This is JAYBO's debut solo show in London and must not be missed!

About JAYBO:

In France 'Jaybo aka Monk' was a graffiti artist before he moved to Berlin in the 80's. Whilst in Berlin his professions have included rapper, actor and graphic designer, until he founded the lifestyle magazine Style and the Family Tunes as well as the street-wear label 'Irie Daily' in the 90s. Jaybo’s versatility can be seen in the choice of his media; be it nature, the streets, canvas, sculpture, space or the screen. The diversity of media, which Monk makes use of in his work, shows that he is a master of technical variety.  In 2006 his first monograph ‘My Head is a Visual Township’ was published by Die Gestalten Verlag.

About The Pocket Show

The pocket show" is what it says on the packet... Based on the size of a match boxes and around anything I could find in my pocket. I have always been distracted by the left overs, by things lying on the street, colour bits on the concrete, broken forms, missed parts and lost items. Already as a kid I always collected what I found without any foresight other than knowing I could use them one day.

I had my pants full of nails, elastic bands and even live frogs. I remember sitting under  a tree looking at this treasure and dreaming about the connection between the objects and the gap of fantasy and imagination just helped me to find new worlds. Now after years of collecting I understand the subconscious impact with these objects. I see them as a creative pool. The size, the form and the colours. Nothing is more random than the left overs in the street which match perfectly with my paintings, generated by happy accidents and volunteered mistakes, these miniatures have been made like african masks, opening doors to my subconscious world.  Everyone will hopefully associate their own history with these sculptures and maybe flash back to their childhoods. 

There are burnt matchboxes, sculptures, used coke cans, elastic bands, smashed cigarette paintings and more... So don't forget to bring your magnifying glass.

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