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Giant 'oh'

A new installation by Remi/Rough and System, featuring Simona Brinkmann

Nancy Victor Christmas Show

An Ideal photo opportunity so bring your camera. Nothing to buy, just artwork to look at... A perfect alternative for the current climate...


To make the innocent and beautiful dark, to find soul in stark, geometric swashes - somewhere beneath the acrylic, emulsion and spray paint grins Remi/Rough. South London born and bred (circa 1971) Remi has been breaking boundaries and messing up heads for the past 24 years. Transcending the traditional and somewhat idealised vision of a graffiti writer, the celebrated artist is passionate and unforgiving in his creative progression. As part of the abstract Ikonoklast Movement of the 90s or his role in supporting the evolution of the UK graffiti art scene throughout the decade prior. He is a proud graffiti writer, artist, designer, art director, curator, musician and loving partner and father.

On the 1st August 2008 Remi/Rough held court at London's Tate Modern. As part of the Tate's Street Art exhibition and series, he was invited to talk on the underground history of UK graffiti in front of a sell-out auditorium. His deep rooted personal gallery relationships date back to the murky days of 1989 when he unveiled his debut art show and has since gone on to see his work exhibited All City, All Global. London to Paris, Perth, Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, Berlin, Hamburg, Strasbourg, Edinburgh and Ibiza. And he ain't done yet.


System has travelled a great distance since his early painting days in North Wales, not just geographically, although recent acclaimed shows in London, Strasbourg and Berlin will attest to that also. Stylistically he has created a dialogue between the portraits he paints and himself. His technique is a near perfect amalgamation of photo realism and comic book artistry. A strong current of modern day consumerism and cultural reference are both, highly prevalent within his works. System can adapt to any scale, large or small and his confidence and calm demeanor put him high above most of his peers. His ability to art direct large murals and develop new concepts place him on a much deserved pedestal. Within a movement that relies far too much on hype and not quality, System is a true master of his craft.

For more information or press enquiries please contact: Remi/Rough - / 07803 052 782

thursday 19th march/ 6:30pm > 8:30pm

19th march > 24th april 2009
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