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An installation by Timid

Repetition, rhythm & Remi

Nancy Victor Gallery is proud to present the first ever solo exhibition by installation artist and photographer –Timid.

Timid's credentials within the graffiti movement are qualified by his close friendships and collaborations with artists like Joker, Remi/Rough and Stormie. His first solo outing into the gallery world will be an unforgettable and 'out there' event, not to be missed!

Gravity – The natural force of attraction exerted by a celestial body, such as Earth, upon objects at or near its surface, tending to draw them toward the center of the body.

This show is the culmination of a long held obsession with the movement of liquids. As a child I would spend long hours traveling to school on trains – winter was my favourite time to do this. As the rain tore down outside in the dark streaks of water would appear on the windows and the acceleration of the train would curve and warp these into fantastical patterns that would occupy for hours on end. As I grew up I could often be found failing to concentrate at the back of chemistry class whilst pouring purloined liquids of different colours and viscosity onto the work surface in front of me. It is the implication of movement frozen in the drops and streaks, that draws me to creating large scale representation of gravity's inevitable draw on liquids. Using techniques picked up over the years of photographing and filming graffiti artists Gravity will be an installation created using materials that best represent the acceleration of colour over a surface.

Timid biography

Timid started life as a photographer, perhaps literally. Both his father and sister earned their livings as aerial photographers – often bringing their work home with them to be displayed right across the kitchen table. Having spent years only experiencing images as seen from above he rebelled and began photographing buildings and faces close up and defocused. A love of decaying architecture led Timid onto demolition sites to capture buildings as they expired, here he came into contact with other artists making use of the space. Graffiti and it's relationship to these buildings have fascinated him ever since. Over time, through friendships with graffiti artists Timid has progressed from merely photographing them and their work to working alongside them – contributing sculpture and prints to be combined with the form. His art is both a reflection and a progression of this modern artform, combining new materials and techniques of representation – LED lights, latex paints, sculpture and video.

3 april 2008/ 6PM > 8pm

4 > 18 april
Monday > Friday, 10am > 6pm









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