Turning a corner

by Louise Champion

Louise Champion artwork

Louise’s paintings have a warmth as well as a sense of loneliness. All this emanating from a image of a railing.

Her graphic depictions are of deserted elements, ostracized from their architectural parents, draw you into their space.

Subjects include Container Terminals, New York subway seats and Safeways car park railings, selected and drawn out of their busy surroundings.

‘Turning a Corner’ is her first solo show and contains work inspired from her travels through America, Canada and Dartford.

“Over the last few years my paintings have developed from being very two-dimensional shapes to include more details, giving them more substance and three dimensionality, making them actual ‘sites’ allowing the viewer to become involved in places that are generally overlooked or perceived as mundane.”


3 October 2005 / 6pm >8pm

6 October > 19 December 2005
Monday > Friday / 10am > 6pm


For further information, images or interview requests contact Rachael at rachael@nancyvictor.com or Drew at the Nancy Victor gallery on 020 7813 0373


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