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Friendly Fire.

Destruction Breeds Creation: Artworks inspired by bad news.

Friendly Fire artwork

The newspaper headline reads “300 people die in market place bomb blast”; the reader contemplates the information briefly, and then turns to the back page to see how their football team performed in last night’s game!

"Friendly Fire" brings together a variety of artists who have been asked to create art from today’s tragedy and disaster news. 

On a daily basis, we are bombarded with stories of war, unrest and tragedy all around the world, whether it is a war, a flood or a famine, the media is bursting with unsettling information that no matter how hard we try, we cannot ignore. Are we purposely being kept in the State of Fear?

As “First World Citizens”, how do we respond to the fact that parts of our world are being torn apart, whilst we go about our day to day business. When we are on our lunch breaks, reading the newspaper, or perhaps on our way to an art exhibition, what can we do about the tragic events that are so frequently publicised and yet so far away? Can we ignore? Do we fight? How do we protest? Which way do we respond? Where can we help from so far away, whilst keeping our hands clean, and our own world supposedly safe and sound?

Created by artists, illustrators and designers alike with an emphasis on media and secondary information, “Friendly Fire“ stressing the distance between our world of relative luxury and convenience with the places in the world torn apart by conflict and disaster.

Exhibiting artists:
Sam Bassett
Jim Sanders
Ellie Doney
Robin Footitt
James Hutchinson
Whitney Mcveigh
James Bourne
David Shillinglaw

For more information about the individual artists, visit:

27 juLy 2007 / 6:30pm > 8:30pm

28 july > 28 August 2007
Monday > Friday, 10am > 6pm


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