by Ben Hathaway

Ben Hathaway artwork

"It is a difficult thing to try to put into a few paragraphs what my art means to me, I suppose it is something that is created with a warmth and richness that I enjoy in other artists work. They are like big creamy puddings. I am hoping that the words of people who appreciate my work may be able to give you more insight and take some of the pressure off me."

"I think the paintings are very enigmatic, romantic and dream like" P.C, Artist, London

"I find them hypnotic and absorbing. The more one observes the more detail one can draw from them. I am jealous of his talent . Can I nick one?" Lisa, Lawyer, Sydney

"For me they are utterly arresting. His works are things of real beauty and some kind of enchanted quality. I just have to decide which one to buy." Dee, Writer, London

"Like a Sunday under a duvet." Bob, Software designer, London

"Captured moments of curved sensuality, flowers and form. They feel like friends." M, Chief Hat Wearer, London

Well, there you have it. I began painting in oils after a long spell of unemployment after university (I studied Foundation of Art and Design at Camberwell College of Art, Costume Design at the London College of Fashion and Interior Design at London Guildhall University.) to help pass the time and retain my sanity. People liked what I was doing, some people even bought my work, so I decided to give the job centre a miss and make my living through art. I like to think I created a meditative environment in spite of using nasty dress fabric, which lends itself to creating interesting and textured pieces with a nostalgic familiarity. A happy and eclectic union of my ideas and the remnants of peoples lives.

I started using decorated textiles as canvasses because I had run out of traditional material. I realised before covering the lurid designs with emulsion that they would lend themselves better to the paintings as a whole left uncovered. The resulting effect seemed, to me, far more engaging. The material also allows me to illuminate the paintings giving added dimension.

I hope you enjoy the show.


7th JULY 2005 / 6pm > 8pm

8th JULY > 11th AUGUST 2005
Monday > Friday / 10am > 6pm


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