by Richard Gasper and Simon Collins

Glut  artwork

Caught up in the desire of an aesthetic fetish, their works can appear beautiful and vulgar, artificial yet full of life, sexy but nauseous. I like it.

Though outwardly dissimilar in that Collin’s work explores the physicality of the painted object and Gasper’s explores the physicality of paint itself, both artists embrace characteristics of gluttony, tactility and succulence.

Richard Gasper: By using paint in playful ways such as pouring, scraping or dribbling, my works evolve out of experimental processes which are then used to make intuitive and calculated deacons over their appearance. I liken my process of painting to activities such as cooking or sexual fore play where senses are aroused, either turning you on or off. Like food and sex my works are tactile, luscious, brash, delicate, naughty, eatable and a bit rotten. And like raw human emotion they are driven by lust and desire. They try to portray the feelings that I possess when getting down and dirty with the paint, exploiting materiality and colour.

Simon Collins: My current paintings explore a culture I describe as ‘fat worm’. It is a created world that I occupy as just another character. Although much of my influence is autobiographical it’s the creation of an unreal or surreal narrative that perturbs you, whilst not questioning you too much. Using airbrush and flat acrylic colour is a key aspect in convincing you of this world’s falseness and clichéd tackiness. 80’s advertising colours and a lack of any sense of fashion or taste convey the failure of the fat worm or sliced white bread lifestyle.

Describing food as art is a frequent ploy of mine. Art as food is much easier to digest, my paintings are aiming to be sweet and sour at first, the obviousness of their imagery is passé yet heart warming but after further contemplation there’s something sour and disconcerting about them. I’d like to think they leave you with a smile on your face and a bitter taste in your mouth, Enjoy.


1 JUNE 2004 / 6pm > 8pm

2 JUNE > 18 JUNE 2004
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