by Jo Holland

 Jo Holland artwork

Artist Jo Holland is to exhibit her latest collection of work entitled ‘Darkness of the Unknown’ at the Nancy Victor Gallery, Charlotte Street, London from 5 May to 2 June 2006.

Holland has been widely acclaimed for her sensual colour photographs that she creates without using a camera or film. Best known for her work with flowers, Holland creates singular images of exquisite beauty. More recently with flesh as her the main material, Jo dissects her chosen subject and then paints into it before finally creating large-scale photographs in a darkroom.

Holland said; “I could never achieve the results I desired through painting or photography alone; through constant experimentation and research I developed a way of creating that combines photography and painting with a wild imagination.”Whilst returning to the origins of photography — by literally gathering light onto light sensitive paper — Holland fuses art with science to create her unique works of art. ‘Darkness of the Unknown’ is a collection of work that simply explores matters of the heart.

Holland continued; “You wouldn’t automatically know that you are looking at a dissected heart when faced with the work, that’s the beauty of working in this way I get to distort the norm. ”‘The Darkness of the Unknown’ collection was generated from dissected lambs hearts, which were then painted into over a period of several weeks.



4th May 2006 / 6pm > 8pm

5th May > 2nd June 2006
Monday > Friday, 10am > 6pm


For further information, images or interview requests contact Rachael at rachael@nancyvictor.com or Drew at the Nancy Victor gallery on 020 7813 0373


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