by Mark J Nicholls

Mark J Nicholls artwork

First Showcase of Latest Work By Newlyn Artist.
A new set of original, innovative canvases, is brought together at the independent ‘Nancy Victor Gallery’, with support from the arts council to enable this yet ‘unsigned’ and ‘undiscovered’ but fast emerging artist, to exhibit his latest paintings in London.

Cornish artist, Mark, paints gutsy, and beautifully crafted work. Curating this exhibition himself, Mark writes ‘the gallery sits in a central London location, but also feels to have ‘the right swagger’ to fulfil the potential of bringing this set of paintings to new audiences.' Mark writes of the show...

“My work is steeped in tradition, but absolutely reliant on new technology for the collation of ideas to reach the canvasses. Although I never quite know what I am doing, and it never seems to help much, if on the odd occasion I do. Anything I have to say manifests itself through my paintings. The ‘cartoons’ for these works are re-drawn many times from many viewpoints, and over many weeks. From sitting in the landscape, or in front of a still life, drawing onto a laptop, adding images that interest me or provoke me into action, from the internet to images taken digitally and sketched in traditional methods, ink and watercolour on paper for example. All put into a melting pot and redrawn on the computer until it is time to start painting. This is where the craft of oil on canvas kicks in, and anything might happen”

Artist Andy Rollo writes-
“Mark creates technically accomplished paintings that, at once, honour his hero’s and builds upon their legacies. Images that incorporate a plethora of art influences, including clear references to Francis Bacon, and Van Gogh in his distortion of the human form, use of visual metaphor, minimal description of pictorial space and fascination with mortality. An example of this can be seen in ‘3 x Studies (Sunflowers) 2005’ – sunflowers symbolic of life, warmth and hope, yet in Nicholls’ paintings this is transformed into a reference of time passing, mortality and the weight that is carried with this impending doom.

im·pure Pronunciation Key (m-pyr)
1. Not pure or clean; contaminated.
2. Not purified by religious rite; unclean.
3. Immoral or sinful: impure thoughts.
4. Mixed with another, usually inferior substance; adulterated.
5. Being a composite of more than one color or mixed with black or white.
6. Deriving from more than one source, style, or convention; eclectic: an impure art form.


4th May 2005 / 6pm > 8pm

4th May > 30th June 2005
Monday > Friday, 10am > 6pm


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