by John Logan



If you were chosen to be on the last space ship leaving Earth, never to return again, you only have one suitcase, what would you pack?

That was the question artist John Logan posed to a list of celebrities and scientists. The invitation is to join the crew of the space ship before the imminent demise of the solar system. The lucky few were sent a suitcase and a camera and told to pack what they felt was most important to them.

Passengers and crew include:
Bez: Musician, Happy Mondays
Suggs: Musician, Madness
Sarah Lucas: Artist
David Thewlis: Actor/Director
Ken Russell: Director
Nick Reynolds: Musician, Alabama 3
Mark Lamar: Comedian/Broadcaster
Johnny Borrell: Musician, Razorlight
Howard Marks: AKA Mr Nice, Author
Ray Stevenson: Actor/Artist
Drew Barr: Comedian
Pam Hogg: DJ/Fashion Designer
Prof Martin Leach: The Lead researcher of Cancer Research UK
Prof Paul C. Driscoll: Department of Biochemistry & Molecular, UCL

The show ‘Who’s Future is it Anyway?’ consists of what matters to these people and what they have chosen to take with them. The items are photographed and displayed in their own flight-cases and will be auctioned with the proceeds going to a well-known cancer charity.

“It’s a bit like Desert Island Discs in Space” Nick Reynolds, Musician, Alabama 3

“I’m gonna take drugs and guns” Bez, Musician, Happy Mondays

“So, what will they place inside a small shabby suitcase destined to become possible artefacts from the planet Earth? What does the future think is so important that if the solar system was ending, they would save for the future, however long that artefacts future maybe.”
John Logan, Artist

“I thought I would end up packing the case with a bottle of Scotch and a box of Cuban cigars – but on reflection it made me question my whole existence here on Earth, rather like my parents do. I ended up unleashing my ego on the universe” Drew Barr, Comedian

‘Who’s Future Is It Anyway?’ Provides a fascinating insight into people’s lives and personalities.


9 MARCH 2006 / 6pm > 8pm

10 MARCH > 5 APRIL 2006
Monday > Friday, 10am > 6pm


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