‘The view from here’

by Nathan Apperley

Nathan Apperley artwork

Presented by Swarm Gallery.

Nathan Apperley lives and works in Cornwall and unashamedly reveals the reality of daily life in this apparently idyllic English county. For much of the twentieth century Cornwall has been associated with the kind of whimsical landscape abstractions of Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson. Cornwall’s landscape is undeniably beautiful, but the pastoral image cultivated by artists and tourist brochures alike disguise a harsher reality.

Life in Cornwall in the twenty first century is defined as much by suburban sprawl as anywhere else in the Western world. The world he documents goes against the tourist brochure façade. His canvasses are saturated with the signs of modern life; golden arches, Burger Kings and desolate petrol stations. Empty car parks and bland housing estates are uncompromisingly honest and evoke discomfort.

Apperley’s paintings probe a more layered experience of Cornwall with its complex social problems. This is social realist painting at its most successful – not polemical but observational. Cornwall is troubled. We Londoners seek to escape from our gritty urban reality to this promised rural idyll. But the reality is that we can’t escape from modern life. The tourist brochures have lied.


21st April 2005 / 6pm >8pm

22nd April > 2nd May 2005
Monday > Friday / 10am > 6pm


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