Seeing yourself seeing

by Jacqueline Knight

 Jacqueline Knight artwork

The viewer of a diorama, like with any artwork, is made self-conscious of their role to transcend the materiality of the work. However, by making the viewer conscious of the construction so that the staging behind the representation is perceived, they are perpetually caught between the promise of the sublime and the awareness of the diorama as a reconstructed environment. This undercuts any attempt to transcend the materiality of the work and leaves the viewer to remain aware of the act of perception.

By altering spatial compositions enables me to play with ideas of reality, truth and representations and encourages the viewer to question their sense and understanding of their surroundings.

Our ability to see ourselves seeing – or to see ourselves in the third person, or actually to step out of ourselves and see the whole set up with the artefact, the subject and the object- that particular quality also gives us the ability to criticise ourselves and gives the subject a critical position, or the ability to critise our own position in this perspective.


23rd March 2004 / 6pm > 8pm

24th March > 21st May 2004
Monday > Friday, 10am > 6pm


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