Todo Viene en Bols //
Everything Comes in a Bag

Photographs by Nicolas Ferrando

Photographs by Nicolas Ferrando

Nicolas Ferrando writes of the show:
“Everything started with one paper bag, trying to cover peoples face in a funny and ironic way. I thought I could push the idea a little bit further, taking other risks. The effect of the Paper bag is, not to protect the models’ identity but to signify to the audience that this is a stage as opposed to real life. The Paper bags are more important than the individuals. They are the characters, a construction.

I always looked for inspiration and guidance in other photographers. Arbus, Avedon, Witkin, Saudek, Man Ray, the list is long. Using other people’s work can be tricky. Either, you get trapped by them, or they get trapped by you. Concessions are out of the question. The result is enlightening, but you never know who the winner really is.

The Paper bag links all images. It is a connection. Something is missing, but is not. The déjà vu you are feeling is because you know were you have seen this before, but different. The Paper bag is a way to destroy or reconstruct the original meaning and force the viewer to create all possible ones. What is under the Paper bag is up to you.”

Timothy Barnes, show curator, commented:
“The Nancy Victor Gallery is very pleased to host Nicolas’ first show. His pictures interpret iconic photographs in a way that allows viewers to place a part of themselves in the image. These are exciting pieces that anyone would covet.”

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13 January 2004 6pm > 8pm

14 January > 25 February 2005
Monday > Friday, 10am > 6pm


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